Aquarius Woman And Cancer Man

Cancer man will always seek depth in relationship and this can hardly be provided by the Aquarius woman as she is impersonal and desires to keep everything on the surface. She also seeks intellectual mate to talk for hours. Cancer man wants a woman who will understand him, love and cuddle him at critical times and especially when he feels dejected with the outer world. Unfortunately, Aquarius woman is hardly the type.

Cancer Woman And Aquarius Man

Problem in the relationship between Cancer woman and Aquarius man is that their requirements are completely opposite to each other. She needs love, attention, and security constantly while he is independent time and hard pressed to give all these all the time.

Cancer woman will find the excessive love for freedom on the part of Aquarius man as signs of detachment and his over friendly nature to all others including fairer sexes will make her highly insecure in feeling. It will be a big clash between emotions of Cancer woman and intellectual thought process of Aquarius man.

Cancer And Aquarius Compatibility

When Cancer meets Aquarius it is water meeting air, not the best of the compatibilities by any consideration. Cancer is extremely emotional and attached to family and hence is most vulnerable. Aquarius is universally friendly and but is closely attached to none.

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