Cancer And Aquarius Compatibility

When Cancer meets Aquarius it is water meeting air, not the best of the compatibilities by any consideration. Cancer is extremely emotional and attached to family and hence is most vulnerable. Aquarius is universally friendly and but is closely attached to none.

Cancer is static and wishes to remain within closely encompassed orbits that revolve round close family and friends. On the other hand entire universe is the family for Aquarius. Tastes, interests, and even friends vary too much in case of Aquarius and the changes come rapidly. Unlike Cancer again, Aquarius is not too attached to home.

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For Cancer, intimacy in relationship and love is important while for Aquarius it is freedom and independence. Cancer has a quite vulnerable feeling and requires constant love, assurance, and attention. Otherwise Cancer becomes insecure but it is hardly possible for Aquarius giving so much attention to the partner, a trait that is opposite to the natural characteristics of the zodiac sign.

With so many differences in their characteristics it is natural that the love match will be facing a lot of difficulties even in understanding each other. However, if the relationship can survive the trauma then Cancer could teach Aquarius the value of compassion while Aquarius could teach Cancer to use head instead of heart in at least some cases.

Requirement is that they should understand each other and complement each other. Cancer seeks success and security in love while Aquarius seeks status and friendship and if the two share some common aspirations, the prognosis could be useful for sex, love, and relationship.

Sexual life would be somewhat challenging in nature since unexplainable things might happen because the ruling planet for Cancer is moon and for Aquarius is Uranus that is the planet of surprise. Sexual encounter therefore would be unusual in nature as well.

Secret of compatibility is in understanding the requirements and feelings of each other which could cement the bond between these two incompatible zodiac signs.

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